Vehicle Consultancy Services
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Investigations, Research & Reports with regard to disputes

If you are in dispute with regard to an issue involving the Motor Trade, an Insurance Company, a Warranty Company etc. VCS can investigate the matter and report with recommendations on the merits of your case, from an engineer's point of view.


Expert Witness Reports & Attendance at Court

In support or mitigation of a claim, a VCS engineer will compile a report and attend Court, in the role of Expert Witness, with regard to any matter within our expertise.

This should always be carried out in consultation with your Legal Advisors and experience has shown that the greater the involvement of VCS with your Counsel the greater the likelihood of a successful outcome


Merchantable Quality Reports

Disputes with regard to quality of vehicles, components & services will require an engineer's report to substantiate any claim of this nature. VCS has an excellent record of success in preparing such reports for use in such claims and these reports will be compiled in accordance with Compliance of Court Procedure.

Before these reports are written, VCS will advise you of the merits of your case, from an engineer's point of view, so that you may discuss the matter with your Legal Advisors.

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