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Post Accident Repair Inspections & Reports

Following an accident , how can you be certain that the repair has been carried out correctly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Prior to you being asked to accept a repaired vehicle, VCS will carry out a thorough inspection and advise on the quality of the repair and the compliance with manufacturer's requirements.


Pre-Claim Valuation, Disputes & Reports

When a vehicle is declared a total loss , it is essential that the settlement offered is a fair and equitable one. By common consent, this figure should enable a policyholder to replace the written off vehicle with a vehicle of the same make, model, specification, age, mileage & condition.

Though most settlement offers are satisfactory, a large minority is not. This appears to be particularly so with regard to older or the more specialist type of vehicle.

VCS will undertake to provide a substantive report to establish a vehicle's true pre-claim value. We have succeeded in this on many occasions resulting in clients receiving settlements many thousands of pounds greater than the original offer, (highest extra offer to date for a private car, £4600, for an 8yr. old BMW).

Pre & Post Purchase Inspections

Before you buy , whether privately or from a Motor Dealer, protect your investment and ensure that any major faults are rectified prior to collecting the vehicle.

We inspect the mechanical, electrical & body components of the vehicle and ensure that they are operating to specification and that there are no sub standard body repairs.

Typically around 200 different items are checked including the underside of the car and a comprehensive road test is undertaken.

You will be given a four-page report, listing any defects with advice if these defects are of an essential or desirable nature. If they are essential, the seller should rectify the faults before the sale is completed. If they are desirable, either the seller should rectify them or the sales price should reflect the cost of rectifying them.

You will be advised if a Vehicle History Check has revealed any adverse information about the vehicle with regard to:

a) Any outstanding finance recorded on the vehicle.
b) The vehicle is recorded as being stolen.
c) The vehicle is recorded as having been the subject of a major insurance claim.

After you have bought , though it is preferable to have had a pre-purchase inspection, if this was not done, a post-purchase inspection can be carried out.

This is usually requested when uncertainties with regard to the vehicle's safety, security, integrity or merchantable quality are raised. Most often required before a Trading Standards Department will take any action against a Motor Trader.

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